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Resource: Inert Gas

Resource Information
Cost Details
Resource Name:Joes Buying Price:Store Selling Price:Store Selling Name:
Inert Gas 1,011 99 Vanzant Traders
Player Market Details
Average Cost Amount Available: PM Entries Links
Shield StabilizerShield Heat Sink
Shield Energy ConverterTesla Generator
Auto Clean UnitChassis Frame Ver1
Chassis Frame Ver2Chassis Frame Ver3
Chassis Frame Ver4Chassis Frame Ver5
Mech Energy Regulator V1Mech Energy Regulator V2
Mech Energy Regulator V3Mech Energy Regulator V4
Nano Alloy ChassisChemical Impact Injector
Light Distortion ThrusterHeavy Distortion Thruster
Long Range DetectorShell Energiser
Rapid Cannon Chassis MountShield Resonance Contoller
Exotic Power UnitGal-Fed Navy Missile 1
Gal-Fed Navy Missile 2Gal-Fed Navy Missile 3
Gal-Fed Navy Missile 4Containment Unit
Antimatter Alignment GuidePhase Shield Unit
Sorter CPU 01 (Trade)Sorter CPU 01 (Union)
Sorter CPU 01 (Combat)Sorter CPU 02 (Outlaw)
Sorter CPU 01 (Outlaw)Wesbec Filter Lock Out (Anvil)
Wesbec Filter Lock Out (Verec-Per)(Union) Filter Lock Out (Anvil)
FOM Filter Lock Out (Anvil)Gal-Fed Filter Lock Out (Furnace)
Gal-Fed Filter Lock Out (Anvil)VP Filter Lock Out (Anvil)
VP Filter Lock Out (Verec-Per)Outlaw Combat Filter Lock Out (Anvil)
Outlaw Combat Filter Lock Out (Verec-Per)Outlaw Cargo Filter Lock Out (Furnace)
Outlaw Cargo Filter Lock Out (The Forge)Outlaw Cargo Filter Lock Out (Anvil)
Outlaw Cargo Filter Lock Out (Verec-Per)Anchor Structure Unit Part 4
Furnace Targetting SystemFFAG Accelerators
Anchor Positioning SystemAnchor Magnetic Controller
Anchor Circuit Board 1Anti-Gravity Thruster
Pressure ValvesSonic Reader

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