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Resource: Autium

Resource Information
Cost Details
Resource Name:Joes Buying Price:Store Selling Price:Store Selling Name:
Autium 1,555 Not Available
Player Market Details
Average Cost Amount Available: PM Entries Links
VP Tracking System
Raptor Mech Chassis Rev 1Raptor Mech Chassis Rev 2
Predator Mech ChassisLight-Foot Mech Chassis Rev 1
Light-Foot Mech Chassis Rev 2Hunter Mech Chassis
Thumper Mech Chassis Rev1Thumper Mech Chassis Rev2
Thumper Mech Chassis Rev3Mech Starter Weapon Pack 1 [KIN]
Mech Starter Weapon Pack 2 [EM]Mech Starter Weapon Pack 3 [TH]
Mech Starter Weapon Pack 4 [EX]High Impact Detonator
Ionic Stream ControllerActivation Chamber
Large Cannon FrameRapid Cannon Feed Unit
Large Cannon ChassisChrono Firing System
Uni Quantum ProcessorShopping Center Small
Shopping Center MediumShopping Center Large
VP Filter Lock Out (Verec-Per)Outlaw Combat Filter Lock Out (Verec-Per)
Anchor Vacuum SealVP Targetting System

Market Info

V0.9B - Open Beta
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