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Resource: Turbocite

Resource Information
Cost Details
Resource Name:Joes Buying Price:Store Selling Price:Store Selling Name:
Turbocite 260 Not Available
Player Market Details
Average Cost Amount Available: PM Entries Links
Hyper-Modulated Transfer Unit
Raptor Mech Chassis Rev 1Raptor Mech Chassis Rev 2
Predator Mech ChassisLight-Foot Mech Chassis Rev 1
Light-Foot Mech Chassis Rev 2Hunter Mech Chassis
Thumper Mech Chassis Rev1Thumper Mech Chassis Rev2
Thumper Mech Chassis Rev3Chassis Frame Ver1
Chassis Frame Ver2Chassis Frame Ver3
Chassis Frame Ver4Chassis Frame Ver5
Mech Control System Ver1Mech Control System Ver2
Mech Control System Ver3Mech Control System Ver4
Mech Control System Ver5Mech AI - Generation 1 - Basic
Mech AI - Generation 1 - SeekerMech AI - Generation 1 - Defensive
Mech AI - Generation 1 - JumpMech Armour Ablative Rev 1
Mech Armour Ablative Rev 2Mech Armour Ablative Rev 3
Mech Armour Ablative Rev 4Bio Damage Sensor Type A
Bio Damage Sensor Type BBio Damage Sensor Type C
Mech Starter Weapon Pack 1 [KIN]Mech Starter Weapon Pack 2 [EM]
Mech Starter Weapon Pack 3 [TH]Mech Starter Weapon Pack 4 [EX]
Mech Energy Regulator V1Mech Energy Regulator V2
Mech Energy Regulator V3Mech Energy Regulator V4
Targetting System Rev 1Targetting System Rev 2
Targetting System Rev 3Targetting System Rev 4
Cryo SequencerMedium Cannon Frame
Activation ChamberIonic Containment
Disruptor ContainmentEnergy Stream Controller
Chrono ContainmentMagnetic Containment
Meson ContainmentTachyon Containment
Phase ContainmentOrion Phaze Cannon
DeathslingerSynchronous Phaser Array
Cryo CannonDylithium Matrix
Uni Leisure PackAnchor Spacial Loop

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V0.9B - Open Beta
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